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Name Martin Jelinek
Born 1975
Office: Ondrejov
Country: Czech Republic
E-mail: mates(a)
Cellular phone: +420-602-105-255
Office phone +420-323-620-242
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    photo index

    • Some nice pictures: here.
    • Some photos from different periods of BART
    • A collection of photos of BOOTES.
    • The First Bart Workshop / Integral Progress Meeting mostly by ford: here
    • The Second Bart Workshop / Integral Progress Meeting (limu, rene): here
    • Prague by me and Antonio de Ugarte (mixed)
    • The mill I call my home: only few images.
    • Seminar of Astronomical institute in Prague, Radomir's and Toast's presentations (early 2002)
    • All the cover photos ever exposed to the web.

    [16.xi.2o1o] My fb profile: Martin Jelinek

    [14.x.2o16] The "new bible" of BOOTES: AdvA/2016/1928465 astro-ph/1610.04444 DOI:10.1155/2016/1928465

    [13.i.2o1o] The "bible" of BOOTES-1B: AdvA/2010/432172 astro-ph/1001.2147 DOI:10.1155/2010/432172

    Z jednoho z mych kamaradu se vyklubal sikovny keramik :) : tady

    [25.ix.2008] We are in the press again: English: nature/ scientificblogging Spanish: iaa/ csic/ upc/ abc/ rtve/ sur/ ecodiario/ levante-emv/ el mundo/ sinc Czech: asu/ cro/ cas

    [19.v.2008] 30cm telescope has been moved to Huelva from Bootes2. more

    [24.x.2007] An extinction coefficient graph from Bootes2. Updated 31.i.2oo8.

    [3.x.2oo7] John just announced a new webpage of Watcher

    [10.ix.2oo7] Server upgrade: some problems may arise

    [5.vii.2oo7] Some photos from the conference in Amsterdam.

    [] I had the Googllocations of our telescopes hanging around for a while: BART, +, Bootes1, Bootes2, BootesIR, FRAM

    [18.v.2oo7] Semana santa in Granada: 1

    [11.v.2oo7] Birds in NP Doňana: 1 2 3

    [26.iv.2oo7] Paper with BOOTES-1B and OSN observation of GRB050824 is out: 2007A&A...466..839S

    [25.ii.2oo7] Sierra Nevada: ohr obs val

    [7.ii.2oo7] astro-ph/0702197 DOI:10.1393/ncb/i2007-10328-4 bibtex 2007NCimC.121.1496J local pdf

    [23.i.2oo7] Fotky z IBWS-06: 1 2 3 4 5 6

    [27.ix.2oo6] 20s expozice Krabi mlhoviny z BOOTESu1B: zde

    [26.ix.2oo6] Výstup z Polárkovače a Mrakoměrů 1+2: denni tydenni mrak2 (každých 5 minut nové grafy)

    [20.ix.2oo6] A new panorama from Sierra Nevada.

    [6.ix.2oo6] an attempt to get GRB060904B from Klet 57cm telescope

    [2.viii.2oo6] The article of GRB060117 is out! astro-ph:0606004 bibcode:2006A&A...454L.119J DOI:10.1051/0004-6361%3A20065092

    [] I am at the conference (fotky/fotos)

    [] poster Venice

    [18.v.2oo6] El Circulo: b

    [28.iii.2oo6] Jaro v Huleve: b c d e f

    [8.iii.2oo6] nice photo: x y

    [25.ii.2oo6] Color images from BootesIR: M82 NGC6543 (cat eye)

    [18.ii.2oo6] Test stranky v ruznych rozlisenich: 480x360 640x480 800x600 960x720 1024x768

    [6.i.2oo6] Kolega mel vystoupeni v televizoru! video (60M)

    [8.xii.2oo5] New poster of robotic telescope BART

    [4.xii.2oo5] BART weather management scheme. image

    [3.xii.2oo5] Some photos from this spring page

    [3o.xi.2oo5] BOOTES-1B real vs. model slew times comparison... image

    [3o.x.2oo5] We have observed the HETE GRB 051028 with WHT: image GCN 4175 GCN 4176

    [29.ix.2oo5] BOOTES1 R-band limit of GRB 050826 image

    [25.viii.2oo5] BOOTES1 (A and B) observed GRB 050824: image

    [22.viii.2oo5] FRAM observed GRB 050820B with a WF limit R>18.5 1.3h after the GRB: image

    [15.viii.2oo5] Bootes1B has followed GRB 050815 with a nice limit of R>18.5 in an ugly delay of 3h (waiting for sunset). image

    [2o.v.2005] BART image (limit) of GRB 050520 (cf. GCN3431)

    [19.v.2oo5] Ford radically updated his web page.

    [2.v.2oo5] BOOTES1 image of GRB 050502: positive simultaneous, negative +1min. (no detection, limmag=~8.5)

    [16.iv.2oo5] CCD with interlaced chip may present a potencial problem with odd/even lines aligning: image

    [19.iv.2oo5] An identification image of GRB 050408, as mentioned in GCN 3197

    [1.iii.2oo5] Images: arg++/vylet1/vylet2/sierra

    [23.i.2oo5] Flowers in Algarve

    [7.ii.2oo5] Photo of BOOTES-IR here

    [27.i.2oo5] I've found some doc about urvc(cz)

    [26.i.2oo5] It's now possible to rely to the location given in the header (it's generated automagically).

    [5.i.2oo5] Comet C/2004 Q2 (MACHHOLZ)

    [21.xii.2oo4] My image of Venus transit (BOOTES2 lassummer, 3000/10, Kodak Supra 400)

    [10.xii.2004] Observations of GK Per

    Stupid statistic: BART was observing 43% of nights (2001/5 - 2004/8)

    III. INTEGRAL and BART Workshop

    [17.x.2oo4] Having 20000 square degrees to appear, the burst selects this: 041016

    [16.x.2oo4] First GRB observed by new instrumantation of Bootes-1A: 041015

    [1.x.2oo4] Montaje del telescopio Bootes1B

    [8.ix.2oo4] Činka osmnáctkou (na výšku 1/2 zorného pole, B30,V15,R8): m27-18cm-v2.png

    [...2oo4] BART má novou montáž! BART tiene una muntura nueva! BART has a new mount! (BART Gallery)

    [18.viii.2oo4] BART images as points in a date/UT graph images-time.png

    [...2oo4] Pro Petra (1055.5x584.9): axis-200407-C0.png

    [...2oo4] Perseidas: per01, per02

    [...2oo4] Astrometry on MX5: Vega

    [...2oo4] Lightcurves from BART here

    [...2oo4] New setup for Bootes1B

    [...2oo4] Poster for Robotic Astronomy Thinkshop in Potsdam

    [31.v.2oo4] JENAM 2004: abstract (31.V.2004)

    [17.v.2oo4] Manana salimos a I Reunión Nacional de Astrofísica Robótica ! (17.V.4)

    [14.v.2oo4] GRB040511: based on IR observations, the OT of R~22 was found [image] (14.V.4)

    [12.v.2oo4] GRB040511: 30min through 4.2m and nothing! (report) (12.V.4)

    [5.v.2oo4]Comet C2004 F4 (BRADFIELD) (5.V.4)

    [1.v.2oo4] 10 let od maturity (1.V.4)

    [...2oo4] Propustnost filtrů: Johnson R, Gunn/Sloan i', Gunn/Sloan z'

    [...2oo4] Munich proceeding: jelinek01.pdf

    [...2oo4] focusing fun: animation

    [...2oo4] Pre- results of the blazar 8C 0716+714 NF data detail (x axis are days of 2004)

    [9.ii.2oo4] Finally processed photos from BART/INTEGRAL Workshop (9.II.4)

    [11.xi.2oo3] GRB031111B: (again) nothing found

    [11.xi.2oo3] GRB031111A: nothing found (image, report)

    [3.x.2oo3] INTEGRAL & BART workshop 2 page: bwsA3

    [19.v.2oo3]Back home. Some phs from Huelva.

    [29.iv.2oo3] I´ve got from Valencia to Granada (27.IV.3), and finally to El Arenosillo.

    [14.iv.2oo3] I scanned some old photos of BART and put them here.

    [18.iii.2oo3]I've added a page shortly describing a 50cm mirror made by Cyril Polasek.

    List of publications: ADS/cit/norm First_author

    [6.xii.2oo2] I've returned from BOOTES, there are some cool photos!

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